Fire-breathing royalty with big hands

Fire-breathing royalty with big hands


I'm Sam Juliana, and I like to make things! Welcome to my unique world of creativity!

I'm an artist who now also makes clothing! 'Fashion' is an art form, and clothing should be thought of as nothing less.

There are two worlds in 'fashion': 'fast fashion' & 'slow fashion'. I'm proud to be part of the slow fashion movement, and doing my part in dismantling, and bringing attention to, the harmful reality of 'fast fashion'. Nothing, including clothing, should be created at the cost of human or environmental agony.

My vision is to be part of a world of kind humans, who rebel against 'fast fashion'. And rebel against all other things in the world that are inherently wrong and unjust, instead only acting in a thoughtful manner.

A world of thoughtful consumers who shop small, shop local, support local artists, and support the slow fashion movement. This is the world I know to be possible, the one I dream of, and the one I do my part in making a reality. Thanks for being a part of it!

My background:

I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan when the moon was 84% illuminated. The sea level pressure was 30.08 inches, with a max wind speed of 21 MPH. I lived in a red barn in New Hampshire, and a yellow house in Maine. I currently live in California, but my thumping heart is innately nomadic. My next abode will inevitably either be orange, green, blue, or purple.

I’ve been drawing and painting and collaging and expressing myself through the art of fashion and dress-up since I was a tiny youngster, and I love how all these creative inclinations have influenced each other over time and evolved to become my own, unique clothing business.

Having an artist mother meant my life was constantly surrounded by art. Art became my safe haven. I know I am an artist at least partly, if not wholly, because of who my mother is. Ineffable. An otherworldly, rebellious force of nature.

As a bipedal hominid born during a waning gibbous moon, I dream most days of being a tree or a water buffalo instead. An artist and nature child since birth, I'm happiest when either exploring the world or making art.

Art is the one language I know best, and it's one of the only places, besides in the majesty of nature, that I feel truly free. Art is my nature. Art is everything.