Hi - I'm Sam! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

I'm a very tiny business - it's just me doing it all! I put all my time, creativity, and thoughtfulness into each item. If you have any questions before purchasing an item, always feel free to ask! I'm happy to help!

My refund/exchange policy is as follows:

There are no refunds ever.

If the item was bought in my booth there are no returns or exchanges.

Exchanges online: If the item is bought online, and you find it doesn't fit or was not as expected, the item must be returned in perfect, unworn/new condition, otherwise no exchange can be granted. This means no smells, no stains, no damage of any kind to the item. It must be returned to me within 7 business days (starting on the day you receive it), and you are responsible for the return shipping costs. I will invoice you for any outstanding balance owed. For example, if the new item you are exchanging it for costs more, than you will have to pay this balance, plus you pay for the cost of the new item to be shipped to you.


All sizing info. is listed for each individual garment. If you have any questions about sizing, always feel free to ask me!

Iā€™m aware of how many different body shapes there are in the world, and I try to be as inclusive as possible when creating my patterns. If you feel your body shape is not included, though, and are interested in one of my items of clothing, Iā€™m happy to communicate with you about creating a custom garment for your body shape. Please note: garments that are custom made always cost more than they normally would. This extra cost changes depending on the kind of garment, etc. and is discussed in private communication with the customer.

Care Instructions:

The official care instructions for all my clothing items: Wash in cold and hang dry (unless otherwise noted). I am not responsible for any damage to the item caused by not following these instructions. *I am not responsible for any damage caused to the item once payed for and received by owner*.

P.S.: Thanks for your support! Enjoy your new one-of-kind, special piece of wearable art :)